The first 2 qualifiers are over

The first two qualifiers (Troyes Dice and Fleet) are over. I already updated the ranking.

The maximum number of points that could have been achieved from these two tournaments is – as we all know – 20. But this is only a theoretical value, of course. Because that would mean that someone would have won both tournaments, which is practically impossible. But there are at least two players who managed to earn points in both tournaments. nmego got 7 points and Forevergm got… umm… wait a minute… I must have made a mistake here, let me check that again, please… Ok, it’s probably not a mistake after all… Forevergm just won both tournaments… Unbelievable! Congratulations on this fantastic start! 👍🏼

You can still register for the next qualifiers (Start: March 1st).

Start of the season

Hey everyone,

the first 10 qualification tournaments start today at 18:00 (Europe/Berlin).
Thank you for your great interest – it’s amazing! 👍🏼
I wish all participants good luck and have fun! 🙂

Best regards,

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