You can find all pairings and results of the playoffs here:

Information about the playoffs:

1) First of all, agree with your opponent on the number of vetoes and the number of excluded games.
If you don’t find an agreement then the match is played with the initial rule of 3 vetoes and 0 excluded games.

2) If you agreed on a number of excluded games > 0 then both players send the list of his excluded games in a private message to Lammkeule.
He sets up the match so it can be started.

3) Agree on if you want to play the games turn-based or if you make an appointment (which may be difficult in some cases due to different time zones).
If you don’t find an agreement on a specific time to play then the game is played turn-based.

4) The first-named player enters the results. You can login on the page with your BGA username and the password I sent to you (of course you don’t have to enter your BGA password!).

5) Use of vetoes:

– After a game has been drawn, the second-named player has to announce first whether he wants to use a veto or not.
– If he doesn’t want to use a veto, then the second-named player has to decide whether to use a veto or not.
– If a veto is used, the game is skipped and the next game is drawn.
– The winner of a game gets 2 points. If the game is drawn then both players get 1 point. For example, a best of 9 match ends when one player has reached 10 points (= 5 wins).

6) Excluded games:

You can see the excluded games at the left, just hover this information image.

7) Draw more games:

If both players agree, the next game can already be drawn (without having finished the last game first). In this way you can play multiple gam,es at the same time.
But please only draw a game when your opponent also agrees with that.